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The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the development, production and marketing of medications. Its immense importance as a global sector is evident with the total Pharmaceutical Industry revenue worldwide had reached nearly $1,000,000,000,000. More than any other industry, the pharmaceutical sector is highly dependent on its research and development segment. The top pharmaceutical companies invest up to 20 percent of their revenues in R&D measures & a significant amount on Sales & Marketing as well.

We at School Of Pharmacy & Technology Management (SPP SPTM), with our strong industry linkages have understood the requirements of this growing industry & have tailor-made our courses to ensure our students are industry ready. Last year we have been proud to place our students in the Top Pharma Companies including Abbott, Glaxo SmithKline, Glenmark, Sun Pharma, Novo Nordisk and many more.

MBA Pharma Tech (B. Pharm + MBA)

MBA Pharm. Tech. program is an integrated degree program in which the students get both B.Pharm. degree and MBA degree in Pharmaceutical Technology in 5 years.

The program is spread over 10 semesters, leading to a post graduate degree in MBA Pharm Tech. It is an integrated program specially designed for 10 + 2 students, who wish to develop managerial skills in Pharmacy stream. The course is tailor made to suit the needs of Pharma industry. The candidate is awarded both B. Pharm and MBA Pharm Tech degree after successful completion of 5 years. The candidate will get a postgraduate degree in management with the expertise and technical knowledge of pharmacy education. This saves one academic year and the herculean efforts for getting admission to top B schools after graduation. This program is conducted by well-experienced senior faculty in addition to visiting professors/ industry experts.

Academicians have framed the syllabus looking into the current industrial needs, thus saving the on job training hours for the technical skills required in professional life.


  • Tailor made course suitable for pharma industries & research centres.
  • Entry into managerial course at 10 + 2 level.
  • Case Studies at all technical and managerial level from top industry executives.
  • Frequent interaction with industry and research team.
  • Experienced and vibrant full-time faculty.
  • Exposure to research environment
  • Opportunity to grow in corporate environment in five years.
  • Electives in technical areas of specialization, along with opportunity to develop top managerial skills.
  • Industrial training (technical + management) at various pharma industries and related organizations.

Dynamic Curriculum

Academicians, Professional from Pharmaceutical Industries, Regulatory Authorities & Research organizations of repute have framed the syllabus of this course looking into the current industrial needs. The course involves a balanced integration of Pharmacy & Management education.


Semester I
  • Pharmacy - Human Anatomy and Physiology I – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Analysis – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutics I – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Communication skills – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Remedial Biology - Theory
  • Pharmacy - Remedial Mathematics – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Human Anatomy and Physiology I - Practical
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Analysis – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutics I – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Communication skills – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Remedial Biology – Practical
  • Management - Foreign Language (Spanish / Mandarin) or Regional Language (Gujarati / Marathi / Kannada / Telagu)
Semester II
  • Pharmacy - Human Anatomy and Physiology II – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Biochemistry - Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pathophysiology – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Computer Applications in Pharmacy – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Environmental sciences – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Human Anatomy and Physiology II – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Biochemistry – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Computer Applications in Pharmacy – Practical
  • Management - Pharma Macro Environment
Semester III
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Physical Pharmaceutics I – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Microbiology – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Engineering – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Physical Pharmaceutics I – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Microbiology – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Engineering – Practical
  • Management - Statistical Methods of Management
  • Management - Marketing Management
Semester IV
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry III – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Medicinal Chemistry I – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Physical Pharmaceutics II – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmacology I – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry I – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Medicinal Chemistry I – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Physical Pharmaceutics II – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Pharmacology I – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry I – Practical
  • Management - Operations Research
  • Management - Principles of Economics
  • Management - Pharma Selling Process, PSS & KAM
Semester V
  • Pharmacy - Medicinal Chemistry II – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Industrial Pharmacy I – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmacology II – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry II – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Industrial Pharmacy I – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Pharmacology II – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry II – Practical
  • Management - Financial Management I
  • Management - Project Management
  • Management - Organizational Behavior
Semester VI
  • Pharmacy - Medicinal Chemistry III – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmacology III – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Herbal Drug Technology – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Biotechnology – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance - Theory
  • Pharmacy - Medicinal Chemistry III – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Pharmacology III – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Herbal Drug Technology – Practical
  • Management - Marketing Research Methodology including Advanced Statistical Tools
  • Management - Operations Management
  • Management - Entrepreneurship Management
Semester VII
  • Pharmacy - Instrumental Methods of Analysis  –  Theory
  • Pharmacy - Industrial Pharmacy II – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmacy Practice – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Novel Drug Delivery Systems – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Instrumental Methods of Analysis – Practical
  • Pharmacy - Practice School
  • Management - Financial Management II
  • Management - Human Resource Management
  • Management - Brand and Product Management
  • Management - Customer Connect
  • Management - Research Project I
Semester VIII
  • Pharmacy - Biostatistics and Research Methodology - Theory
  • Pharmacy - Social and Preventive Pharmacy - Theory
  • Pharmacy - Elective 1
  • Pharmacy - Elective 2
  • Pharmacy - Project Work
  • -
  • Pharmacy - Electives
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Marketing Management - Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmacovigilance – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Quality Control and Standardization of Herbals – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Computer Aided Drug Design – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Cell and Molecular Biology – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Cosmetic Science – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmacological Screening Methods – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Advanced Instrumentation Techniques – Theory
  • Pharmacy - Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals - Theory
  • Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Product Development – Theory
  • Management - Quality Management Systems and Practices
  • Management - Pharma Supply Chain End to End
  • Management - Sales Management
  • Management - Brand Plan for Pharma Products
  • Management - Research Project II
Semester IX
  • Management - Management Internship Programme
  • Management - Quantitative Techniques for Forecasting & Decision Making
  • Management - Advance Course in Marketing Strategy
  • Management - Elective - 1
  • Management - Elective - 2
  • Management - Elective - 3
  • Management - Elective - 4
  • Management - Elective - 5

Electives - Any Five

  • International Marketing
  • Marketing of Biosimilars & Specialty Products
  • Digital Strategy in Pharma Industry
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing of Services
  • Operations Strategy
  • Marketing of Medical Devices
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
Semester X
  • Management - Business Analytics
  • Management - Laws Relevant to Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Management - Ethics in Pharma Sales & Marketing
  • Management - Business Strategy Management
  • Management - Elective - 1
  • Management - Elective - 2
  • Management - Elective - 3
  • Management - Elective - 4
  • Management - Elective - 5

Electives - Any Five

  • Marketing of OTC / Nutraceuticals
  • Marketing of Cosmeceuticals
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Pharma & Biomedical Project Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Health Insurance &  Financing
  • Pharma Tech Transfer
  • Hospital Management

SVKM's NMIMS SPPSPTM witnessed a successful placement season 2015-16 as in the past. We are the pioneers in India to have started integrated programs of Pharmacy with Management degrees. The school has continued to gain more and more popularity with the students of Pharmacy and Recruiters from Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry, due to 100 % placement assistance.

M.Pharm + MBA (Pharma Tech & Healthcare Management) was something new for the industry at Post Graduate level, yet the students were recruited by best of companies in the Healthcare Industry in variety of profiles. The pioneering concept of our B.Pharm + MBA (Pharma Tech) course gained further traction and continued to be in demand by recruiters for Sales, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain and Management Trainee profiles. The variety of streams in M.Pharm courses particularly Regulatory caught the limelight of recruiters apart from traditional courses like Pharmaceutics & Quality Assurance.

Some of the eminent Recruiters who visited our campus were Abbott, Covidien, GlaxoSmithKline, Glenmark, Indegene, Ipsos, Jubilant Life science, MSD, Macleods, Nielsen, Novo Nordisk, RPG Life sciences, Roche, Sun Pharma, Torrent, Zydus, Zimmer Biomed and many more, for Final Placements as well as Summer Placements.

Summer Internships are an integral aspect of the pedagogy at NMIMS, offering students an opportunity to collaborate with the corporate world and put their skills and acquired learnings to practice. Companies perceive Summer Internships as an important measure to assess the skill sets of students and offer them PPOs/PPIs. It also helps interns get fresh industry perspective and work with corporate leaders. Students were placed with top healthcare companies for Management Internship Programme.


B.Pharm. + MBA (Pharma Tech):
testimonial image 1

Final Placements

  • B.Pharm + MBA (Pharma Tech)
  • Average Package: 5.9 Lakhs per anum
  • Highest Package: 11 Lakhs per anum

Summer Placements

  • B.Pharm + MBA (Pharma Tech)
  • Average Stipend: 13 K
  • Highest Stipend: 25 K

Some of our eminent recruiters are :

testimonial image 1
  • testimonial image 1
    Initially I was a bit reluctant choosing B. Pharm. + MBA (MBA Pharma Tech) in SPTM, NMIMS as my career option but then with course of time, I realized how perfectly the course is designed and the support of dedicated faculty have groomed each one of us to gain a significant position in Pharmaceutical Industry. SPTM, College-Industry interface (Industrial Visit tours) has helped me to understand Industry well, along with the platform to interact with Pharmaceutical renowned personalities. Also, extended 5 month internship program gave me a chance to evaluate myself before entering into the corporate world. Course curriculum, subject offered along with practical knowledge makes this course simply great.
    Also, choosing the Shirpur campus and hostel life has added a taste of fun, joy, sentiments and the real flavor of hostel life. The best part here was the fully facilitated campus, Well-equipped labs, Techno-upgraded hostel, infrastructure and other amenities, which are simply incomparable. Above that, Faculty in Shirpur campus is well supportive who not only give technical knowledge but also, provide practical expertise as well.
    Now, looking back, I feel highly privileged to be a part of this Institute and thankful to the faculty for shaping up our future by providing lot more than we expected. I can easily recommend this name to any of my relatives or friends without a second thought.

    Mr. Anuj Ahuja
    Director, Arogya Formulations Pvt. Ltd.
    MBA (Pharm. Tech) Batch 2008-13
  • testimonial image 2
    Today while writing this write up all the memories are just moving across me as a flash back.
    Same is the journey that I had with SPTM shirpur campus; this is the journey which I would always cherish for my entire life.
    I still remember orientation program at Gold Refinary. Where there were 60 of us full of dreams of tomorrow, lots of expectations and enthusiasm.
    But I must say all my expectations and dreams were fulfilled at SPTM Shirpur, it is a home away from home.
    I always miss the guidance of my mentors, faculties and all SPTMians, they always guided me throughout my journey at SPTM.
    They made me what I am today I owe a lot to this campus. The curriculum that we had studied has empowered us in this pharmaceutical industry.
    Today I am working with Alembic in eye care division as Management Trainee in marketing and it makes me proud that I am from this institute.

    Ms. Sonali Panchal
    Management Trainee, Eye Care Division, Alembic, Mumbai
    MBA (Pharm. Tech) Batch 2007-12
  • testimonial image 3
    It was a dream come true when I learnt that I got admission to NMIMS, the best institute of the nation in the field of pharmacy and technology management. The committee of staff and the enthusiastic team of professors really nurtured my aspirations and potential so well that my graduate career at NMIMS culminated with a gold medal. Frankly, it is not me, but the hard-work of my gurus at NMIMS that earned the gold medal. I had the will, and NMIMS paved the way. Words fall short for me to express my gratitude to NMIMS for its generous support and encouragement in shaping my career.

    Ms. Kanika Goyal
    Programmer Analyst for a US-based Pharma-consultant.
    M. Pharm (Pharm Chem) 2007 – 09 batch

MBA Pharma Tech.

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