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For the last 35 years, NMIMS has been a pioneer and a thought-leader in the field of higher education. The Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts is yet another effort to respond to the unmet educational needs of society. The three year under graduate program offered by the School, provides broad-based and trans-disciplinary education by offering a wide spectrum of courses in Humanities, Social Sciences, Formal Sciences, Law, Fine Arts and Performing Arts. At the level of the individual, such education helps to develop a well-rounded personality capable of working anywhere. At the social level, it engenders active, productive and ethical citizenship.

Conventional education with an overemphasis on teaching what is required for sustenance is being questioned today. As the youth enter an increasingly complex and ever-changing VUCA world, both they and their parents find that text-bookish knowledge is not only staid but is unable to equip them with adequate tools and techniques to make sense of the world and to contribute to it in meaningful ways. The three year curriculum at JDSoLA with its interactive, application oriented, and experiential learning approach is designed to respond to this need.

The curriculum includes a wide range of courses such as History, Economics, Political Science, Literature, Sociology, Psychology, Creative Writing, Theatre, Music, Art Appreciation, Logical Thinking, and Sports Analytics. This exposure to a diverse bouquet of courses not only helps students see phenomena from different lenses but also helps them to develop skills in comprehension, critical thinking, effective writing and creative expression. Alongside this the numerous opportunities to work in student committees helps to develop extremely important qualities of team skills and other work-related skills.

Liberal Arts is a leadership development program. It shapes individuals into ‘interesting and interested’ people who can navigate life and determine their own future. There are a wide range of exciting and fulfilling career choices for a liberal arts student: pursuing higher education in a discipline of one’s choice, leadership positions through Civil Services, corporate jobs, especially the Service sector, print and broadcast media, entrepreneurship, design, films and TV and every place that needs holistic personalities.

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B.A. (Hons.) Liberal Arts

About the Program

The Liberal Arts programme at NMIMS is a three year undergraduate, interdisciplinary programme geared towards creating holistic individuals capable of actively contributing to society through their chosen field of interest. The first two years are common to all while the third year is geared towards preparing students for careers. The semesters are thematically driven such that across subjects students are studying common themes. Some of the themes to be covered in the two years include: an understanding of contemporary India, understanding the historical context of the modern world, understanding revolutions among others. These themes will be explored through the lenses of Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Literature, Philosophy and Creative Expression. In the third year students will have the choice of taking up either (a) Advanced Courses in Humanities (b) Professional courses in media, journalism, design etc (c) General Management. The course architecture gives further details of the curriculum. Classroom teaching is complemented with field projects and study tours.

Program Duration

3 years Full Time


Mumbai - 60 seats

Our Unique Pedagogy :

    Trans-disciplinary and integrative approach to learning eliminating silos Experiential learning modules Non-threatening environment of learning and evaluationStudent-centric approach

Careers after B. A. (Hons.) - Liberal Arts :

With your Liberal Arts degree, you may find careers in:

  • Higher studies at any International or Indian University.
  • Your preferred area of specialization - Media (TV, Films), Journalism, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Art administration, Design architecture, Politics & Governance, Social Science and Humanities.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Civil Services
  • Corporate World - most management companies want well-rounded people
  • People Centric Services.

Programs Offered at Campus


B.Tech. | MBA Tech. | MBA Pharma Tech. | B.Sc. Economics | B.Com. Hons. | B.Sc. Finance | BBA | B.Des | B.A. (Hons.) Liberal Arts